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Our Story

Who we are and what keeps us driven

We Are Crystallized Games

We are a team of innovative industry specialists whose love for games,
and the collective experiences they create, drives us to develop games
in our own unique way.

Our team is adaptable, skilled, and resourceful at creating incredible content,
games, and applications. We can quickly learn new things and have developed
complex systems in short periods of time.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we strive to create experiences and moments that
resonate with our audience, whether through shared events like online gameplay,
or memorable stories like through single player campaigns.

What We Do

We take creative concepts and transform them into games. We approach game design with a passion
for finding new and interesting ways to solve problems and achieve goals. So basically, we make great games. And we’re pretty darn good at it.


We are a video game development studio dedicated to providing unique gaming experiences that aren't genre specific.

Game Development

We leverage our varied expertise to design new and exciting game concepts, using existing game engines like Unreal Engine 4 as a platform.

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Game Dev

We love to use popular social media platforms like Twitch.tv, Instagram and Facebook to communicate insider information about the latest trends in the gaming industry.

Game Dev Blogging

Our team blogs about game design and creation, as well as how we use systems to turn concepts into reality.

Dev Blog

App and Business Development

We provide app and business development services designed to maximize the success of your idea, product or service.

App and Business Development

Our team uses our specialized skill set and broad range of experience with game systems and user engagement to help develop your business strategy from concept to execution.

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Why We Do It

Our mission is to create games that are fun to play, fun to watch, and fun to experience with others. We want to build stories that create shared experiences through our games and bring people together to provide a medium that lets you share your voice with the world.

We love all games, but we realize there are un-tapped genres out there. At CG, we are really excited to show the world our new and exciting ideas. Just as other massively popular games have shocked the industry with their success, we strive to do the same by evolving the user experience to a whole new level. 

Map Relic Raiders

Dev Blog

The latest from inside our studio

The go-to place for industry news, our own exciting developments and announcements, and probably just a little bit of bragging.

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And if that’s not enough, we could arrange for a carrier pigeon.

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