What We Do

We approach product design and productivity solutions with our passion for finding
innovative and efficient ways to crystallize great solutions.

Game Development

We leverage our diverse expertise and know-how to create and provide production service and consultation in video game development and gamification of applications, both creating experiences in new and innovative ways, and work with clients to make their design dreams into reality.

Game Development

We develop games for PC, PS4, XBox One, Android, and iOS. We use and have used a variety of game engines and middleware tools, as well as utilizing our core competencies:

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity
  • GameSparks
  • VR Implementation

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Software Solutions

We provide web, Android and iOS software solutions and consultation designed to maximize the success of your idea, product or service. We apply our experience in UI/UX, System Design and User Engagement from game development to provide an unique and engaging product that will maximize your idea's success.

Software Solutions

Our team uses our specialized skill set and broad range of experience with game systems and user engagement to help develop your business strategy from concept to execution.

  • Full stack developers
  • C++/C#/PHP/SQL/Java/Javascript/Python/Wordpress
  • Online and database integration
  • AWS Implementation

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Our Team

Who We Are

We are a team of creative, driven, and skilled developers and artists whose love for games have brought new and unique experiences enriched by our diverse team.

We pride ourselves on being dynamic and objective focused, and as such we can quickly adapt to new and different scenarios and have been able to develop complex systems and solutions in short periods of time.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we strive to create lasting impressions that resonate with our audience, find novel solutions to complex problems, and challenge ourselves to do more than we could before.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to create memorable experiences that leave an impact on your life. Whether through games where we build stories or shared encounters that bring people together, or a solution for a business that helps them take their dream to the next level, we want to help people participate in events that surpass their expectations and provide real value.

At CG we believe that there are untapped combinations of adventure that can do more and broaden peoples perspectives, whether a game becomes more than the sum of its parts by melding genres, or providing novel solutions to a problem that might be solved in another industry. We want to find those unique and interesting combinations and crystallize them into something new. 

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For inquiries, please email us at [email protected].

For media, please download our media kit.