Below you will find the list of changes to the game in the current update. Please bear in mind some changes require a device-side patch, and as such will require an update through your app store.

Gameplay Updates

All Modes

  • Adjustments made to the bonuses in popularity gains when the popularity difference between wrestlers is smaller.
    • Wrestlers were gaining bonus/losing popularity when popularity differences were small. This has been adjusted so that wrestlers with closer popularities gain similar popularity.
  • Removal of opposing show targeting segments when not playing against an opponent.
    • We don’t know whose show you were invading, but it wasn’t your opponents…

Visual Improvements

  • Added the amount of YoungBucks the player has when entering the Bucks Store.
  • Various text updates to multiplayer matches pertaining to the opponent, to better reflect what is occurring.
  • Added in a victory screen in multiplayer when your opponent forfeits the match.
    • You were always a winner, now we make sure you feel like one too!

Bug Fixes


  • Daily missions no longer require logging into the app twice to have the new ones populate.
    • Players who have completed the tutorial will receive ticket compensations for the previous issue of missions not resetting, as well as the double login issue, sent to their gift box at a later date.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when playing multiple multiplayer matches, stats and values from a previous match were persisting.
  • Fixed an issue with certain mission types not properly updating progress.


  • Spark on star ratings are no longer visible when a star is not filled.
  • Various typo fixes.
  • Fixed clipping on some UI elements inside of any type of Campaign.


  • Stars no longer incorrectly play audio at times it should not.

Known Issues

  • Some users on Android tablets have identified that their keyboard does not activate correctly
  • If an item is available for bucks and tickets, it will only show the price for bucks
  • Sometimes tickets will not visually update until you restart the game
  • Some devices of certain resolutions have some instances of UI blocking gameplay.
  • Certain tooltips can spawn offscreen at times.
  • Tooltip not displayed for owned gimmicks in inventory.