Below you will find the list of changes to the game in the current update. Please bear in mind it will require an update through your app store.

New Features


  • Endless save slots can now be expanded.
    • Endless can be expanded to have up to 3 different playthroughs at a time. Endless slots can be purchased for 1000 AEW tickets, by tapping on a locked saved slot.
  • With the inclusion of the save slots for Endless, there is now a tooltip on tapping a slot that will give a brief overview of that slot’s statistics.
Gameplay Updates

All Modes

  • Reworked the way wrestlers gain popularity in matches.
    • Wrestlers now gain popularity in relation to the match type.
    • In general, the more teams present in the match the less popularity each wrestler earns, and vice versa. However, there will be exceptions to this rule.
    • The larger the difference between the average popularity of wrestlers, the greater the change in popularity will be.
      • Ex: Should a wrestler with a higher popularity lose to a wrestler with a lower popularity, the higher popularity wrestler will gain significantly less popularity than the lower popularity wrestler.
  • Added in a decay to popularity.
    • Similar to morale, wrestlers who are signed and do not appear in matches will now lose 2 popularity a week.
  • Developer Notes:
    • We had a significant rework to the way wrestlers gain popularity, as a follow through on the hotfix where booking 5v5 matches would generate too much popularity for each wrestler. We found that after a certain point, once a player had enough resources the optimal way to play boiled down to booking as many large matches as possible. The new system now has different popularity growths per wrestler depending on the match type. 
    • Additionally, we wanted to make sure each match type had a role to play in your booking, so that players would be encouraged to have more match diversity closer to what occurs on AEW Dynamite.
    • In this current state you can grow a wrestler’s popularity more effectively the smaller the match they are in. Adding in the change to popularity being affected by popularity differences also creates opportunities to rapidly increase the popularity of a lower popularity wrestler, but carries the risk of lowering your higher popularity wrestler’s.


  • Changed the weekly show popularity requirements in Endless.
    • The required total show popularity to continue gaining fans in Endless each week has been drastically reduced, preventing fan loss when under certain circumstances.
  • Removed the emotes bar from Endless
    • No more emoting to yourself in endless. Sorry.
  • Show history when loading into Endless will now contain only the past 3 weeks worth of show data.
  • Developer Notes:
    • After listening to player feedback and reviewing game data, we decided that we needed to rework the difficulty to match better with player expectations. Our original design for Endless was to increase the difficulty for players to the point where they would be unable to continue, giving players the opportunity to show off long runs. However, we discovered that most people who played Endless preferred a more traditional simulation experience, so our changes should reflect that.
    • For the players who enjoyed the mode as-is, we are now planning to include a survival mode in the future as a separate game mode which will keep the spirit of the original design so that you can truly challenge your GM skills to the world.

Bug Fixes


  • Endless save slots now have fail safes in place to fall back to should an issue occur during the saving process, which was leading to player data being wiped either partially or fully.
    • In the case an error occurs while saving Endless progress, the corresponding save will be rolled back by 1 week.


  • Fixed an issue where missions were not properly resetting at the correct time of day for some players.
    • This issue led to players becoming unable to claim the “Login to the game” daily mission as the mission wouldn’t reset until after a player had already logged in for the first time that day.
    • As compensation for this issue, all players who have completed the tutorial, will receive AEW Tickets as compensation sent to their gift box.
  • Various visual bug fixes
  • Further optimizations and improvements to memory usage over extended gameplay sessions.

Known Issues

  • Some users on Android tablets have identified that their keyboard does not activate correctly
  • If an item is available for bucks and tickets, it will only show the price for bucks
  • Sometimes tickets will not visually update until you restart the game
  • Star Rating sound effects will play 3 times regardless of star count
  • Star Rating twinkle will sometimes show on empty stars.
  • Star Rating sound effects will play on leaving the post simulation review.